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CRi, Choice. Respect. independence. (formerly known as Community Residences, Inc.), is a community-based organization with a focused effort on providing people with developmental disabilities and/or mental health needs the resources, supports and services they need to live their lives with purpose, actively engaged in communities of their choosing. CRi’s mission fully supports a person’s ability to exercise control of their life’s choices, and to live in and contribute to communities of their choosing, as young adults through aging in place. We believe in serving individuals within the communities in which they live & supporting the individual’s choices and independence.

The Direct Support Professional acts as a mentor, teacher, and support to individuals with intellectual and other types of developmental disabilities to assist them to live, learn and work successfully as an active part of their communities. With COVID-19, our DSPs can add "Virus Warriors" to their list of responsibilities. They are diligently working around the clock to keep those residing in our group homes safe.

CRi residents could use some love too! Some haven’t seen their families or friends in person due to COVID and most have been homebound because they are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Change is hard, and it’s especial hard on for those whose lives depend on routine.

Kindness Cards

Please considering making kindness cards for our DSPs and/or for residents to show that they are not forgotten during this crisis. CRi has over 500 staff supporting over 300 residents within our group homes and 600 more within the community.


Pens, color pencils, crayons, markers, puffy paint
Stickers (optional)
Stamps (optional)
Glue (Optional)
How to Get Started

1) Grab a piece of paper. Any paper will do! As long as we can read your message, that’s the important part.

2) CRi has 40+ homes that we support across Northern Virginia and Richmond. Making the cards generic will help with distribution.

3) Be creative! Be colorful! As long as the card comes from the heart, we are grateful!

Cards for staff

Add an inspirational/uplifting message! These messages can be longer than they would for residents. Keep the tone upbeat. Please avoid any religious or political messages to respect the individual believes of our staff.
Examples: a) Thank you for all you do! b) You are wonderful! c) I’m amazed by you! d) Keep up the outstanding work!

Cards for residents

Add a message of kindness! Let residents know that they are being thought of.
Examples: a) Thinking of you! b) You are wonderful! c) Hope you have a great day! d) Sending you a virtual hug!

Some of our residents are hard of seeing or enjoy experiencing the world through the sense of touch. Add some 3D elements to your card such as puffy paint, origami, foam stickers, felt letters, etc.
4) Feel free to make cards for staff, residents or both! Please label the cards so we know if they should go to staff or residents.

Card FAQs

To whom do I address the cards? For staff, you can say "Dear CRi Staff" or "Dear Friend". For residents, you can say "Dear Neighbor" or "Dear Friend".
Do I sign the cards? You can if you would like! Adds a nice personalized touch and lets people know there’s a face behind the card.
Do the cards need to have envelopes and, if so, should I seal them? You can include envelopes if you would like. It’s always fun opening envelopes; it’s like opening a present!
Kindness cards can be dropped off or mailed to the following addresses:

Chantilly HQ

14160 Newbrook Dr, Chantilly, VA 20151
Donation boxes are located in the lobby beyond the double glass doors
Accepting donations Monday - Sunday from 10am to 2pm

Arlington/Falls Church Maintenance Office

7297A Lee Hwy, Falls Church, VA 22042
Donation boxes are located in the lobby just inside the front door
Accepting donations Monday - Sunday from 10am to 2pm


808 Moorefield Park Dr., Ste. 120, Richmond, VA 23235
Accepting donations Monday - Friday from 10am to 1pm
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