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Job position: Fundraising Bid writer for RAIN (Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network)

RAIN is seeking a fundraising assistant for our operations team. It is a volunteer role with a minimum commitment of about 1.5 days per week, and there is the potential for a salaried appointment subject to performance.

Job Purpose: The Fundraising assistant will be responsible for assisting the fundraising manager in delivering the fundraising strategy for RAIN. This will include writing and coordinating proposals and applications to grant-making bodies with the assistance of other team members. This is a role for a skilled and motivated person who is passionate about improving the environment and confidence to help deliver to the strategy. Fundraising and Bid-writing Experience is desirable but not essential - You’ll learn along the way. An interest and ability to write about environmental topics will be advantageous but you will also have the support of other volunteers and the management team.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

The following is typical of the duties the post holder will be expected to perform. It is not necessarily exhaustive and with the senior management team support you will define your delivery targets and your priorities.

Develop and coordinate a fundraising database to ensure an ongoing flow of proposals.
Prepare detailed, accurate and inspiring grant funding applications and bids in line with the strategy. (Some of these will be based on applications completed earlier and just need adapting and formatting in accordance with the different preferences of the grant-makers.)
Work with the Senior Leadership Team to deliver the organisation’s fundraising strategy and timetable.
funding guidelines and policies. (Some of these will be based on previously prepared proposals)
Initiate and build relationships with new and existing funding bodies; matching potential funding opportunities to specific services, projects and activities.
Prepare and submit monitoring and evaluation reports to funders according to specified deadlines.

Professional development and learning outcomes:

How funding works
Proposition writing
How senior management teams work.
How the charitable sector works
Partnering and relationships
Strategy development
Strategy execution to business plans
RAIN Background information

RAIN is a CIC that stimulates and finances grass-roots, community-led reforestation, rewilding and agroforestry projects in Brazil and the UK. We are currently in the process of converting from CIC to charity, a move which will open up more funding opportunities and help expand our impacts.

Website: https://www.rainumbrella.org/

Vision: A distributed network grounded in the principles of mutual aid and decolonisation of the NGO space. We facilitate direct, peer-to-peer relationships between businesses, schools, indigenous communities, CSA’s (communities that sustain agriculturalists) and other stakeholders.

Current status: Since mid-2018 generating templates and testing pilot schemes in Brazilian communities facing desertification and other existential threats, including:

- sapling nurseries in partnership with schools
- reforesting springs
- courses in production of saplings and building nurseries
- courses introducing agroforestry to conventional farmers
- communal machinery
- UK-Brazilian school twinning, with provision of educational materials and activities
- links to other reforestation organisations
- scheme with Terena indigenous nation to twin schools, pitching to UK businesses for SRF.
- Scheme with Kaingang indigenous nation to plant Paraná palms
In the UK

- We are developing a schools and university tree-planting and environmental awareness program.
We are ready to refine, replicate and scale up these templates across the country.
See the website and the blog for more details.

To apply e-mail: info@rainumbrella.org

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