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PALS Programs creates inclusive camp experiences for people with and without Down syndrome. Our volunteer-led programs change attitudes, transform lives, and inspire a world of belonging.

Our volunteers gain valuable experiences and lifelong friendships after joining the PALS Family. Apply today, and learn about what you can gain through your service to PALS!

One volunteer wrote: "I want people to know that there is hope that this world could be different. That we could live in a world that loves openly and deeply and fiercely. That we could be a people who is capable of loving all people despite all differences. I know that it is possible - because for a week, it was my reality."

Volunteers attend camp for free, and are offered a wide range of opportunities. To efficiently execute a successful program, PALS seeks volunteers to fill the following roles:

camp counselor * counselor in training * medical * media

Comprising more than 80% of the volunteer community, PALS counselors train for and attend a weekend camp program, paired one-to-one with a peer with Down syndrome, while building friendships with their teammates and the camp community at large. Many of our counselors have experience in the special needs community, but this is not a requirement to volunteer and we welcome individuals of all backgrounds & experience levels to apply!

Prerequisites: Aged 18-30

Volunteer photographers & videographers capture the PALS magic for the outside world to see! Beyond using footage for marketing and promotion, families are provided an opportunity to follow along with camp activities throughout the program.

Prerequisites: Aged 16+

Medical volunteers are ultimately responsible for keeping all camp participants healthy and safe. Our medical volunteers consist of professionals in the field in addition to students looking to gain more experience.

Lead Medical: MD, PA, NP, RN, or EMT with state licensure at camp location
Assistant Medical: students of medicine, nursing, CNAs, and practicing medical professionals with out-of-state licensure.

Prospective volunteers may also apply for the following leadership opportunities:

camp director * head counselor * ambassador * camp PALS support

Visit: https://palsprograms.campintouch.com/ui/forms/application/staff/App to learn more.
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