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We are a Children's charity that focuses on making schools safe for students throughout their educational journey. We are in need of a social media content creators and managers for our platforms. We have 20 content creators and now we are looking for social media team leaders that have extensive experience with social media. We are on the following: Wix, Facebook, youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, tiltify and Twitch.

Pros: I have three years of photos, videos, documents and other information for easy content creation. Your creativity can shine. I do write amazing resume/linkedin recommendations for those who help our charity.

Cons: The sites will need some optimizing/"CPR".

Expectations: Please have extensive experience and be able to lead a group of 3-5 content creators. Be able to read/understand an existing marketing strategy and post what will fits your schedule and the charity's mission. Be willing to either make content for a platform or be the platform team leader/account manager. Participate in BaseCamp (our volunteer management software - this is how to talk to all the volunteers). Be a team player, there will be roughly 3-4 personnel working on each platform.

We ask before you sign up to review DOCcharity.com to get a better understanding of our charity's efforts of making schools safe for students. If you align with our charitable efforts, then please sign up.

I am pretty open and willing to answer any and all questions. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to help a Children's Charity.
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