Social Travel South India : Exploring multiple cities of South India while Volunteering Open
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Social Travel: South India is a 2 to 12 weeks long experiential travel program in which the participants explore 10+ locations across South India while participating in meaningful volunteer work for a cause they care about. Through this travel experience, we aim to provide a taste of the Indian culture, an insight into the local traditions, and lots of adventure while adding value to society. This program covers multiple cities in South India and allows volunteers to cover different destinations while working for a cause. There will be different activities and workshops included in the program, such as learning pottery, cooking, and yoga. There are multiple positions volunteers can take, such as teaching, community service, healthcare, marketing, etc. You will take weekend trips to Coorg, Goa, and other stunning cities in South India with this experience, push your comfort zone, have many adventures and memories to keep for a lifetime.

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