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Looking for Medical Experience? Want leadership skills? MediGuide's volunteering experience is the best opportunity for you! Interns will learn and research about new medical inventions and updates while helping run MediGuide's Honor Pre-Medical Program. MediGuide is looking for interns who are hardworking and passionate about the Medical Field. Only accepting 50 interns, MediGuide will handpick the best candidates for an interview before appointment for the position. Interns should be educated in basic social marketing skills, and should have experience with Google Drive. Interns have free access to the Pre-Medical Program, and will also have the opportunity to apply for Executive Board positions.

- Researching old and new medical inventions weekly and creating a slideshow presentation.
- Presenting the Slideshow to other intern peers.
- Contacting and scheduling meeting dates with Doctors and Surgeons.
- Promoting the MediGuide Website and Program thoroughly and efficiently.
- Creating social media accounts for MediGuide and encouraging many to attend the Medical Program
- Attending weekly intern zoom meetings.
- Filling out a weekly form describing weekly activity and accomplishments.
- Going through Mentorship Training and becoming a Mentor.

Skills Required:
- Google Drive
- Spreadsheet
- Marketing Experience
- Presentation Skills
- Communication Skills

Education Level:
-Highschool or above

Please submit your resume.