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Location: Canada

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Project Overview:
Project Name: Blockchain Project
Project Duration: (in months) 6-12 months
Project outline: The Social Enterprise is a community of systems practitioners working on a myriad of mission-driven projects, social businesses, investment funds, philanthropic programs, purpose-based communities, and other initiatives that represent values-based and regenerative economic models for the 21st century.

Role Summary:
As the Data Science Manager, you will be joining a diverse team of business and technology specialists working together to develop new blockchain solutions to help deliver next generation social, economic and political systems.

Essential Tasks:
1. Transform data into a format that can be easily recognized
2. Develop, maintain and test infrastructures for data generation
3. Identify, design, and implement internal process improvements
4. Build data pipelines to collect data and move it into storage

Skills & Competencies:
- Experience in databases and AWS or other cloud infrastructure is a plus
- Ability & commitment to work independently and collaboratively with numerous people
- Excellent problem identification, problem solving, and analytical skills
- Plus if you have some knowledge in one of those software (Java, Python, R, Hadoop or Azure)
Software tools & Program knowledge:
Broad skillset in the Financial Domain or Cryptocurrencies will be beneficial for the team.

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