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CrowdDoing Program Planning Manager

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Location: United States of America

Date: Flexible
Time: Flexible
People Required: 10
Estimated Time Required: Ongoing

More information:

Age: 18 To 99
Gender: Any
Must be verified by:


Role Name: CrowdDoing Program Planning Manager
Min Qualifications required: Bachelors / Masters
Min Experience Required: (in no. of yrs) 1
Experience or Knowledge in a specific subject or area required: • Demonstrated experience and success as a Program Manager
• Thorough understanding of project/program management techniques and methods
• Thorough understanding of performance evaluation and change management

Minimum Volunteer hours required: (in hrs per week) 15-20

Project Overview:
Project Name: CrowdDoing Projects
Project Duration: (in months) Ongoing
Project outline: The Social Enterprise is a community of systems practitioners working on a myriad of mission-driven projects, social businesses, investment funds, philanthropic programs, purpose-based communities, and other initiatives that represent values-based and regenerative economic models for the 21st century.

Role Summary: (Briefly explain the overview of the role in 1-2 sentences)
The Program Manager shall be responsible for organizing, directing, and managing all aspects of contract support functions involving multiple complex and inter-related project tasks
Essential Tasks: (List down the essential tasks that individual perform in the job)
• Plan and manage interdependent projects, integration planning
• Devise strategies and objectives that will drive business engagement
• Lead/evaluate project managers and staff
• Develop and maintain deadlines and budgets
• Apply change, risk, and resource management principles
Skills & Competencies: (List all critical skills needed for this role. Be specific)
• Knowledge and experience with data warehouses, including architecture, capturing, managing, integrating and analyzing
• Knowledge and experience with feasibility, assessing, identifying and recommending data warehouse and related business
• Highly skilled at supervising, coaching and mentoring cross-functional program delivery teams and individual staff members.
• Highly skilled at crisis intervention, de-escalation and conflict resolution.
• Adaptable, flexible and able to execute on multiple priorities and deliverables.
• Experienced at helping individuals and teams effectively navigate change.

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