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Running & Reading Program

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Location: 25 Erin Park Drive Southeast, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Date: Oct 17, 2018 To May 26, 2019
Time: 01:11 AM
People Required: 8
Estimated Time Required: Ongoing

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Age: Any
Gender: Any
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The mission of Start2Finish is to end child poverty in Canada by providing educational programs. The Running & Reading program is an incredible opportunity to mentor and encourage kids. We operate as an after school program, two hours/ week, 32 weeks of the school year. The target for this program is low-income areas within the city to optimize the results. Our focuses are physical fitness and literacy skills. We work on both aspects each week through our 12-step program.
Each week we work towards a 5km race that everyone completes at the end of the year to showcase their hard work, and to help them prove to themselves that they can succeed with hard work.

As a volunteer, you will be a coach. The role of the coach is to have a team of kids (usually with another coach), build relationship with them, and encourage them as the year goes on. Many of these students do not have a significant adult in their life. As a volunteer, being an adult these kids can trust, engage with, and have fun with has so much impact. Two hours a week changes the lives of these students. Reading levels increase, bullying decreases.

If you have a heart for kids, like to run, or like to read, this is the place for you!

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