Big Brother Big Sister

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Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Date: Flexible
Time: Flexible
People Required: 1000
Estimated Time Required: Ongoing

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Age: 18 To 99
Gender: Any
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Description BIGS & LITTLES are the terms used when referring to the mentoring relationship between one adult and one child. This is the platform on which the separate Big Brothers and Big Sisters organizations were founded in New York in 1904. Our volunteers in the Big Brothers/ Sisters program share their time with one child through participating in a variety of activities that reflect the interests of both parties; it’s as simple as being a good friend to a good kid. BGCBigs works with Bigs to match them directly with Littles in ways that considers similar interests, geography and program type. Children with mentors experience incredible life benefits such as: •Becoming 80% more likely to finish high school •Becoming 2-4x less likely to bully, lie, cheat, steal or become involved in drugs and/or alcohol •78% of our kids coming from a family history of social assistance (parents depending on welfare, food banks, etc., to make ends meet) do not experience the same challenges in their adulthood •Their life time income is $300,000 dollars more, on average, than youth who did not have mentors Qualifications There are no specific skills or experience required, however all volunteers must be 18 years of age and are screened to gauge their appropriateness for our programs. Benefits & Recognition People who mentor: •Gain personal growth and development •Have a positive new perspective on life •Make a positive difference in the life of a child and the community •See meaningful improvements in their own mental and physical health •Report increased levels of happiness and energy •Our agency has ticket lists for concerts and sporting events, as well as agreements with various organizations, to provide big/little matches with perks Deliverables / Duties Volunteers will agree to a minimum of 1 year of commitment to their Little, and will share time together on a consistent and reliable weekly or biweekly schedule. We encourage matches to try new things and find common interests. We can provide a list of recommended activities, but there is no limit so long as the activities are safe and appropriate for the child's age and development. Other Requirements •Police check child welfare check •1.5 - 2 hour screening interview •1.5 - 2 hours volunteer training seminar •Alberta Mentoring

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